Spidex/Rotex Couplings
These flexible couplings are loaded with polyurethane teeth elements. They reduce intermittent short period torsional shocks by briefly storing the shock energy. Any degree of uneven movement and load transfer is consequently reduced. Elastic couplings restrain body resonance, and therefore contribute to noise reduction. The elastic SPIDEX coupling transmits the torque safely preventing break-down.
Engineers may also be interested in high performance couplings similar to Spidex. More information can be found below:

L Type couplings

  • Also known as JAW Coupling
  • Enable the connection of shafts via a polyurethane drive ring
  • Torsional elasticity
  • Dampening
  • Blind assembly
  • Safe against break-down
  • No maintenance
  • Hub material: Aluminium (Al), Cast Iron (GG/GGG), Sintered Steel (Si), Steel (St)